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Compustar FT6000AS Car Alarm and Remote Start Module
This prevents accidental triggering of the outputs; Aux 1 Input: Changes the input . hanges the input behavior of the instant trigger wire on the Aux Input Sensor .

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XpressKit 509U Ultrasonic sensor for Python® security systems at ...
Ultrasonic sensor for Python® security systems . The 509U ultrasonic sensor monitors the airspace inside your vehicle and is sophisticated enough to detect .

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After the ball is delivered, the delivery sensor triggers, causing the. Instant . (5) Main Power In - Main power input for the Instant Replay Processor. 120VAC or .

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ON / OFF Input Sensor Controller Multi ... - Panasonic Electric Works
synchronization input. Output. Sensor for sensing. Sensor signal input. Controller. Controller . Gate trigger and edge trigger. Power supply for sensor. External synchroni- zation function . Edge trigger. : Effective at the instant the external syn- .

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postgresql - Recording real-time sensor data in to RDBMS with user ...
Apr 25, 2012 . Triggers are user defined; input is only one reading for one sensor (ie, not readings over time or multiple sensors); only . Sensors are assigned to triggers on a many to many basis. . Get sensor data at specific time instant .

Model 330X1/330X2/330X3
4. Multiplex. Ultrasonic sensor. Inputs shorter than 0.8 seconds will trigger Warn Away® response, while inputs longer than 0.8 seconds will instantly trigger full .

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H5/4 Blue wire – Ground Instant Trigger Input (Zone 2) . . H5/6 Green wire – Negative Door Switch Sensing Input (Zone 3) .


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DEI Merlin 3000 motorcycle alarm system
Siren duration in seconds, 30 or 60 seconds. Multiplex sensor inputs (-), 1. Instant trigger input (-), 1. Nuisance prevention circuitry. Valet switch pulse count, 1-5 .

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JA-60M Wireless Magnetic Door Detector
It can trigger an. Instant or Delayed intruder alarm and it also has built in tamper sensors. There are inputs for external sensors available. The JA-60M uses a .

TinkerKit - TKTouchSensor browse
For example if you have a touch sensor connected to the input pin I0, you might write . pressed(), trigger the instant when the touch sensor is being pressed and .

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Model 3100L
It can be used to turn on an optional sensor or to control an optional accessory, such as a . This wire will respond to a negative input with an instant trigger.,%20web.pdf

Blue Wire (Negative Instant Trigger Input) . . Plug-In Optional Auxiliary Sensor Port . . lights can also damage on-board computers and associated sensors.

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Additional inputs and outputs that can be controlled to trigger a relay. . Door trigger, hood trigger, truck trigger, and sensor trigger wires are all inputs. . system that is designated to cause the system to respond instantly when triggered.

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- How to Install Car Security
Jun 16, 2003 . If you have a timed dome light on your car which is hooked up to an instant trigger or sensor input, make sure the dome light has been timed out .

Smart Trigger - TS Engineering Inc., provides the vibratory parts ...
SmartTrigger™ Digital Power-Tracking Controller .

Intelligent file system for managing event triggered video data. ATM/POS transaction . 16 pairs of sensor inputs and 4 pairs of alarm outputs. Built-in hardware .

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    interval – or, immediately on detection of any specified trigger event, to begin . Rapidly collecting, monitoring, and displaying multiple sensor inputs, it . For instant operator interpretation of measurement results, the backlit color LCD .

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    Trigger, is generated and sent to the Grablink to start the acquisition. . sor, which is connected to one of the input lines of the. Grablink . positions of the sensor, an optional programmable trigger . THE INSTANT OF THE IMAGE CAPTURE.

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