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Creating a desktop policy settings document
Local mailfile. Choose this option to create a local copy of the user's mail file. . Specify the catalog application name, for example TOOLBOX.NSF, on the catalog . Use canonical name for instant messaging status lookup. Use this setting to .

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9.2 How sendmail Uses DNS
All versions of sendmail use more or less the same logical process to obtain the canonical name of the local host. As illustrated in the following sample program, .

Program and Library Variables - automake
The canonical name of the program (or library) is used as a base for naming these . 1 This means that, for example, you can't put a configure substitution like .

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getaddrinfo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the recommended interface for name resolution in building protocol independent applications and for transitioning legacy IPv4 code to the IPv6 . 1 struct addrinfo; 2 getaddrinfo(); 3 getnameinfo(); 4 freeaddrinfo(); 5 Example; 6 See also . struct sockaddr *ai_addr; char *ai_canonname; /* canonical name */ struct .

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specifications for emachine desktop computers

Oversimplified DNS - Canonical Names (CNAME)
DNS allows machines to have a true (canonical name), as well as an . For example, you might want "news.example.com" to go to your ISP's newsserver. Instead . as expected (in this case, run a news program to connect to the newsserver).

Names in programs are either simple, consisting of a single identifier, . Fully qualified and canonical names (§6.7) and naming conventions (§6.8) . The name of a field, parameter, or local variable may be used as an expression (§ 15.14.2).

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Apache Tika - The Parser interface
A client application can use this information for example to better judge the . to avoid this extra file if the input document is already a file in the local file system. . if the file format contains the canonical name of the file (for example the Gzip .


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Chapter 6. Names
Names in programs are either simple, consisting of a single identifier, . Fully qualified and canonical names (§6.7) are also discussed in this chapter. . Names of packages intended only for local use should have a first identifier that begins .

Register a Domain Name

Class (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)
Returns the simple name of the underlying class as given in the source code. . class does not have a canonical name (i.e., if it is a local or anonymous class or .

sockets - How do I find the current machine's full hostname in C ...
In a C project (POSIX), how do I get the fully qualified name for the current system ? For example, I can get just the hostname of my machine by doing gethostname( ) from unistd.h. . first get the local hostname, and then lookup the canonical name. . Changing a environmental variable through a C program .

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Executing Control Panel Items
The following example shows how an application can start the Control Panel item named . A canonical name is a non-localized string that the Control Panel item . As long as the canonical name remains the same, then any program that .

GNU Coding Standards
The GNU Hello program serves as an example of how to follow the GNU coding . In addition, it contains the canonical name for this program, in this format: .

[Chapter 21] 21.2 How sendmail Uses DNS
All versions of sendmail use more or less the same logical process to obtain the canonical name of the local host. As illustrated in the sample program below, .

Domain Name Search and Domain Registration

Remove or Hide Unwanted Items From the Control Panel in ...
Sep 16, 2010 . In this example we want to remove the Realtek HD Audio Manager because . You could use a program like Unlocker, but we can tweak the Registry to . Here we take a look at hiding them through Local Group Policy Editor. . Note: You might want to use proper Canonical names so for example Microsoft.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Specify your canonical
Feb 12, 2009 . For example, you'll notice that the source code on the URL . < link rel=" canonical" href="http://domain.com/page-name" title="page title" /> . either by a server session (user initiated action) or the local user's system settings.

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  • What canonical name settings are available? - FAQ ...
    off - The network attempts to avoid the use of a site's canonical name. . From an application standpoint this means that the HTTP_HOST variable will be . If your site's shortname is example, then default canonical name is example.nfshost.com . . What does the MySQL Error Can't connect to local MySQL server through .

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  • Addressing, Protocol Families and Socket Types - Python Module of ...
    Jul 8, 2011 . The output from all the example programs from PyMOTW has been . channel used by programs to pass data back and forth locally or across the Internet. . SOCK_DGRAM Protocol : IPPROTO_UDP Canonical name: Socket .

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