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Acoustic Noise as a Non-Lethal Weapon - Sound and Vibration ...
Sep 3, 2004 . Non-lethal weapons are an emerging class of arms employed to incapacitate rioters . 25 dB higher than in the case of periodic sound waves.

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Noise Gun
Aug 25, 2004 . Noise Gun: ABC News Reports on a Non-lethal Weapon Aimed at . The resulting ultrasonic sound wave can then be directed out in a tightly .

Non-Lethal Weapons
Nonlethal weapons: Key news articles on on non-lethal weapons. . So if you're standing in front of the ultrasonic sound wave, you can hear the sound. If you're .

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Non Lethal Weapons | WhisprWave®
WhisprWave® is a product of Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. . a nonlethal weapons program manager for the Coast Guard at its Washington, D.C., . clarity and aim that can shoot compact sound waves across several hundred yards at .

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Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapons
May 5, 2006 . Anti-personnel non lethal directed energy weapons include lasers, high . which produces high-intensity impulsive sound waves generated by .

Tangled up in Khaki and Blue: Lethal and Non-Lethal Weapons in ...
configuration of non-lethal weapons might have made a difference. These three . inaudible, invisible sound waves—perhaps from a parabolic dish mounted .

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Future Weapons and Weaponry Less and Non-Lethal
Focused sonic and ultrasonic sound waves as weaponry have been developed by . The non-lethal tetanizing weapon uses a high beam of ultraviolet energy to .


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BBC News - US non-lethal weapon 'wish list' revealed on the net
Jan 4, 2012 . The list - named the Non-Lethal Weapons Reference Book - is said to . It says an "underwater pulsed sound wave" affects a diver's hearing .

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What Is the LRAD Sound Cannon?
Nov 17, 2011 . ...that blasts "non-lethal" sound waves... The LRAD . LRAD claims the device is not a weapon, but a "directed-sound communication device." .

Sonic Non-Lethal Weapons
These sonic non-lethal weapons combined with through wall imaging technology for a . As we hear sounds, those sound waves are creating pressures on our .

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Lethal Weapon 4 (WAV \ MP3 Sound Clips) @ WAVList.com Movies
Lethal Weapon 4 sound clips for your desktop computer or cell phone . ( thousands of WAV Clips from Movies, TV, Celebrities, Humor, Sound Effects, Events, . "There's no open lieutenant spots, so the Chief is using his special privilege, and .

The Military Develops an Arsenal of Non-Lethal Weapons | Machine ...
Sep 8, 2009 . The military expands its arsenal of nonlethal weapons, giving the armed services more options for . the physical force of the sound wave itself.

Exposed: The Military's Freakiest 'Non-Lethal' Weapon Ideas - Wired
Jan 3, 2012 . Where non-lethal weapons are concerned, the future's all about sonic . There's an “Impulse Swimmer Gun” that uses “pulsed sound waves” to .

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Soldiers Need More Non-Lethal Weapons, Better Knock Down Power
Kelly said his group used a non-lethal weapon in Baghdad that was supposed to make people sick from high frequency sound waves, but he said it didn't work.

US military's non-lethal weapon plans revealed • The Register
Jan 4, 2012 . The non-lethal weapons (NLW) book was posted online by . which generates a directional, underwater pulsed sound wave that can be used .

Psychotronic Weapons - Brain Manipulation From a Distance
As for the sound, a report on the device transmitting a beam of sound waves, . on the American Navy's project of Non-lethal electromagnetic weapons (11), .

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  • Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons
    Jan 4, 2011 . Moreover, sounds and speech can be placed in victims' brains, actual voices . engineered to contain sound waves, messages, heat and pressure stress, . So- called "non-lethal weapons" can be as harmful as killer ones.

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  • Sonic Bullets to Be Acoustic Weapon of the Future - ABC News
    Anyone who has seen Tom Cruise fire his state-of-the-art sound wave gun at his . has developed a non-lethal acoustic weapon that stops people in their tracks.

    New York Times

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