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Russian Last Names -
Find 86177 questions and answers about Russian Last Names at Read more. . Answer for: Russian Last Names. Meanings of Last Names .

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List of the most common surnames in Europe - Wikipedia, the free ...
6, 3,402, Smirnov, of the quiet man (Russian). 7, 3,153, Vasiliev . 11, 2,339, Kuznetsov, of the smith (Russian) . Surname, Modern Irish, Original Irish, Meaning .

Volkov - Family Name - Family Education
Last name origin & meaning: Russian and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): patronymic form from Russian volk 'wolf'. The Russian name is derived from a .

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Makarov (surname) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Makarov (Russian: ???????) is a Russian surname that originated from the given name Makar, meaning, "happy" or "blessed" in Greek. It is the 29th most .

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4.4 Family names can have the prefix 'z' (meaning 'of'): e.g. Karel z . 12.4 Russian family names also have masculine and feminine variants. The most .

Russian Last Names
Jan 23, 2012 . The facts and details about Russian last names discussed in this article gives us an idea of their origin. A list of popular Russian surnames with .

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Russian - Behind the Name: Russian Surnames
The meaning and history of first names. . Russian names are used in Russia. See also about Russian names. . Advertising served by SheKnows Family .


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Origin and Meaning of Molokan Surnames
?????????. This surname originates from the Old Russian term alatyrets, meaning "abusive", "confused" or "uncertain". This term was given as a nickname to .

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List of surnames in Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If you or your relatives live in Russia, go ahead and add your surname to the list. This list is periodically updated from its original location semi-automatically (see .

European and Russian Names that start with "v" - Names - Meaning ...
European and Russian Names and Meanings. A | B | C | D | E .

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Russian surnames - Russian courses in London
Jun 5, 2012 . The surname is one of three components of a person's full name, the . • Medvedev – a typical Russian surname meaning “bear” (Medved' is a .

Eastern Slavic naming customs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ordering is not as strict in languages other than Russian. . 2 Patronymic; 3 Family name (surname); 4 Forms of address . (Vladimir/Volodymyr, a pre- Christian name of Slavic origin that originally means "Great in his Rule/Power", but can .

Russian names: male and female Russian names, last names
Russian names - Russian last names, surnames, Russian female and girl names, male and boy names. Ukrainian . List of Russian boy names with meanings.

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Medvedev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale, earthquake-strength system; Medved ( disambiguation), a non-Russian Slavic variant of the surname meaning bear in .

What does the name Romanov mean
As far as the surname itself, Romanov or Romanof is to Russia as Smith is to . Nicolai is also a popular Russian name and comes from the Greek, meaning .

Browse Russian Surnames (Last Names) -
Would you like to save names or email names to a friend? . Browse Names. First Names: Alphabetically · By Origin . Browse Russian Surnames. | Share .

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  • Spector (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Spector (also Spektor or Specter) is also a surname derived from the Russian inspektor (Cyrillic: ?????????), meaning 'inspector'. Also derived from the Jewish .

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  • Need a Russian last name meaning "dust"
    Hello, I'm writing a story, and I have a Russian character whose last name I want to be based off the Russian word for dust. (Like in the .

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